Canvas Stretching

There are many ways a canvas can be displayed.

Depending on your taste, you can leave stretched canvases unframed for a contemporary look, or have the final product custom framed in one of our many attractive options. 

The first and most important step is stretching the canvas over a sturdy sub frame.  In DW Framing we use a heavy gauge  staple. Stretching the canvas this way allows for air movement, and keeps the work in peak condition, preserving it’s artistic and financial value.  

Sometimes the framing job is completed after the first step, for instance when the wrapstyle is chosen. This is where the full image is retained on the front but the canvas requires excess margin so that it can overlap the edges and be stapled to the back. Because the staples don’t show the Canvas can be hung without an outer frame.​

You can also finish a stretched canvas with a complimentary frame, which protects the artworks edges and enhances the artwork itself.

We have a wide range of frames for you to choose from, that will enhance both the artwork and your décor.

We can also re-stretch existing canvases that have become loose over time.